My Cleaning Products

The bathroom needs cleaning. Say what? It’s not going to clean itself. Huh? Let’s face it nobody looks forward to dealing with the sanitation levels of the house. Luckily like anything else when you have the right tools things go smoother.

When one thinks of cleaning they also think chemicals. What else are you killing besides the germs in your house. If it kills fungi what else can it do.

Hey and what about earth? Whether you are a yay or nay on climate change earth has been beaten up and polluted to an unacceptable extent.

I wish everybody from professional cleaning services to the everyday home cleaning people of this great nation will take a look at the product below.

In the words of the great Band Pink Floyd “It’s a world we all must share, it’s not enough to just to stand and to stare”


My Cleaning

Formulating Products That Heal The Soul & Infuse Wellness


Our products are all natural and infused with wellness. Since we manufacture the products, we use ingredients found from remote locations around the globe.Our bed bug products are the only products on the market that contain “No Pesticide” and “Pesticide Exempt”. Our mold removal products are non toxic and clean and prevent mold.

Greening The World And Adhering To Federal Guidelines


Discovering How To Infuse Wellness Into Life

Our mission was to find unique ingredients to create products to improve health and wellness.

In order to learn this historic knowledge of these lost remedies. This involved getting close to the locals… eating, talking, and sharing knowledge.

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