Brain Training for Dogs


Raymond our family dog is 12. He already thinks he’s pretty smart.

Who doesn’t want the smartest dog in the neighborhood? Teaching your dog to master tasks and tricks above and beyond the old sit and speak makes your dog Phi Beta Kappa material.

It’s a good way to keep the kids motivated to learn too. After all they can’t get left in the dust by the family pet. All kidding aside keeping the brain active for any person or pet is a good thing.

If humans like solving puzzles and playing games to keep the mind active (Bridge, Chess, Backgammon all come to mind) it’s only natural that; mans best friend would be intrigued with some brain teasers too.

I’m betting you will be amazed at how smart your dog  can get. And you will feel like the best teacher in the world.

You can teach old dogs new tricks. Check this out below and have fun with your dog. It’s awesome!.


Professional Dog Trainer Reveals 21 Simple Games That Will Skyrocket Your Dog’s Intelligence, Obedience, And Overall Behavior!

“Easily Train & Transform Your Dog into a Genius!”


Here’s the honest, doggone truth…

At the very heart of a well-trained, obedient, kind and loving dog, is INTELLIGENCE.

While many dog owners make the mistake of focusing strictly on physical training, even spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars hiring trainers and buying training programs, the one thing they tend to completely ignore is the importance of training their dog’s MIND.

I’ve seen this time and time again!

But the more an owner can first work on improving the intelligence and thinking skills of their dog, the more quickly and effectively they can not only train their dog, but the sooner they can improve his behavior too.

Just imagine how different your life would be if your dog understood and obeyed your every command, without the need for shouting or force.

smartest dog