30 Super Healthy Ice Cream Treats For Kids

Kids today have it made in the shade. Incredible toys and video games that are as real as life itself are available everywhere. And now I see they can eat Ice cream guilt free. Oh to be a kid again.

Toys have come a long way since I was the first on the block to have a “Pong” game on my TV. I thought that was the greatest thing. Volleying that little ball across the screen with sound of the pong would go on for hours.

Snacks have come along way from when I was a kid too. I remember two special deserts that we had every once in awhile. Chocolate pudding and Vanilla Ice Cream with chocolate sauce. The nights we had those treats was a holiday atmosphere. There’s just something fun about pudding and Ice Cream.

When I was a bit older I hate to admit that I would fix a bowl of Ice cream for my dog when I had a bow myself. Yikes, did I really do that.

I hope you find these recipes to be as delicious as they are healthy. I think that every kid young and old should enjoy great guilt free Ice cream. Super Healthy all Natural Ice Cream that tastes as good as supermarket Ice Cream.

I say again, Kids today have got it made.



Home Made Ice Cream Recipes the Kids will Love


http://www.superhealthymeals.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/30-Super-Healthy-Kids-Ice-Cream-Treats.jpgDo your kids love ice cream? Silly question because everybody loves ice cream! What’s more when you have your own Home Made Ice Cream Recipes you get to have a say in what your children are eating.

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Sadly the ‘Ice Cream’ you buy in the supermarket is full of artificial coloring, thickening agents to stop it melting and ridiculous amounts of refined sugar and that’s just the beginning!

Choc Ice CreamThe problem with ‘Supermarket’ ice cream is we all know how unhealthy it is. But like all parents we all give into kids pressure now and again. Sadly for many parents working long hours the pressure to give up on healthy food is much greater because pre-packed food is faster and easier. We all know ice cream was not a healthy food option but probably like all parents living a hectic life we justify buying things like ice cream because:

  • It is only an occasional treat,
  • They eat pretty well,
  • Kids need treats every now and then!

We can all justify the reasons for what we do but in the end we all know we really aren’t making a healthy choice for our children.

So let’s look at the Facts:

Writing this book on Home Made Ice Cream Recipes I quickly came to the conclusion that supermarket ice cream is really, really bad. In fact when I decided to do some research it was very simple to find out just how bad the supermarket ice cream products have become:

  • Regular Ice Cream has a GI of 57. To put that in perspective Coke-a-Cola has a GI of 63.
  • Artificial Colors, Flavors & Preservatives,
  • Vegetable thickening agents.
  • Throw in some ‘nice’ fat.
  • Add in a wad of sugar.

Undoubtedly the number one reason we all love ice cream is the smooth creaminess and addictive properties science is now telling us sugar has.

If Home Made Ice Cream is going to compete with the supermarket stuff it must taste just as good and still remain a super healthy ice cream. After all kids can’t be fooled: “They’ll either like it or not”. There is no way you can get them to eat something just because it is actually good for them.

Have a look below at some of my home made ice cream recipes

 I think you’ll agree they look delicious

All Natural Ingredients

In this eBook you will find 30 Super Healthy home made ice cream recipes. They are amazingly healthy as all the ingredients are natural. No processed junk here just natural ingredients brimming with goodness.

See a list of all the recipes

Fussy Eaters

Imagine being able to give your fussy little eater an ice cream sandwich for breakfast knowing they are having a healthy meal. No more fights at the meal table.

After School Hungries Taken care Of30 Super Healthy Kids Ice Cream Treats

When the kids arrive home from school starving and looking for junk food how great to be able to help them make frozen banana choc bites and watch them gobble them down. Now everyone’s happy

The best news is that this great eBook of  home made ice cream recipes is only $9.99

My passion is to bring this delicious natural healthy food to as many people as possible so I’ve made my eBook very affordable.

Enjoy ice cream freedom with my compliments.

Your kids will love you for it.

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