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We carry a full line of portable oxygen concentors to keep you living an active lifestyle.

Homecare Hospital BedsReasons to use a portable oxygen concentrator.

Patients that suffer from respiratory issues often become comfortable using a stationary oxygen concentrator. The long term use allows the user to create a comfort zone. Using a stationary oxygen concentrator often leads to the user living a less active lifestyle. If you desire to regain your freedom, you can with a portable oxygen concentrator. Below is a list of reasons you should make the switch today.

  • Independence

  • You won’t feel tied to your stationary oxygen concentrator. You can move around and go places without any problems. Your trusty new portable oxygen concentrator will be right by your side. Most models even allow you to charge it in your car.
  • Travel 

  • Has it been years since you took a trip on an airplane? The FAA has approved specific portable oxygen concentrators, also known as POC, for air travel. This means you can dust off your passport and visit your favorite destinations. If you don’t plan to go overseas, you can travel domestic and visit family and friends or explore a new city in the United States.
  • Social Gatherings

  • You can become social again by joining local clubs and activities. You can reconnect with old friends as well as make new ones.
  • Improved Health

  • All of the extra walking you will be doing to local malls, grocery stores, movies, parks and more will provide you with more exercise compared to when you stayed home and avoided these activities. If your doctor approves, you can even join a gym or sign up for yoga classes.
  • Improved Attitude

  • Patients that use a stationary oxygen concentrator often spend a lot of time at home. The thought of venturing out can cause stress and anxiety. Long term isolation from society combined with constant stress can lead to depression. Gaining your freedom back by using a POC will cheer you up and improve your attitude.

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