I Exist Program.

Change the way you think.

Lou Holtz, a legendary football coach once said “don’t tell other people your problems because 90% of them don’t care and the other 10% are glad you have them.”  Humor aside I think this has a certain truth because we all have problems. 90% of people don’t have time to notice other peoples problems and 10% are glad they’re not alone. That’s my unscientific take on the situation.

It’s good to know you’re not alone. Whatever it is I’m quite positive there is support and people who have gone through similar situations.

It’s also good to know that you can take control of the situation. You have the power to change. If you have the motivation and are ready for new direction, outlook, spirit and most of all confidence and happiness then it’s going to happen. That’s how I see it and I’m sticking to it.

“We go through what we’ve gone through so we can help others get through what we’ve been through.” One of my favorite quotes. I’m not sure who to credit for this great saying but I sure like it.

Now lets start looking at the glass half full and get back into the game of life!

Have a Wonderful and Productive day.


Ximena Velasquez Special Offer

For things to change, you have to change. For things to get better, you have to get better”  Anthony Robbins

Is NOW your time to change and overcome problems?

Would you like to release feelings and stuck energy that are holding you back and truly live?Ximena Velasquez

Let us help you overcome past traumas and take back the power to live as a  unique, beautiful individual so that you can create the life you desire. It’s time you took a stand and said,  “I Exist!”

There are too many people in the world—people just like you—who look into the mirror and dislike what they see. Instead of seeing a bright, energetic, and happy person, they see only faults and failures, shame and embarrassment. What’s worse, they’re quick to self-loathing and self-judgment. It’s not that they don’t have an image of who they should be and how they should feel, but the doubt is a tremendous burden that overshadows everything else. If you’re ready to let these and other negative self-talk and feelings go, and finally become the person you were meant to be, then you need “I Exist!” It’s time you created a new reality that affects the way you see yourself, the way you see the world, and positively impacts both your financial future, your family and other relationships. It’s time to create the future you desire!!

“Life is a banquet…and most people are starving to death” – Auntie Mame

It all starts by asking questions…

When you’re ready to release negative emotions and active your energy, the “I Exist” program is going to assist you by helping you overcome what’s keeping you from being YOU. To begin, you need to be asking the right questions so you can unlock the true answers that are specific to you. Things such as:

  • Is it time for you to learn to love you?I Exist Program Create the future you desire
  • Are you ready to feel safe?
  • Do you understand that you’ve never made a wrong decision FOR YOU in your life?
  • Do you understand that you belong where YOU choose to belong?

Stop losing personal power to people that have no control over your decisions!!

Many of us spend our lives giving away our personal power. Be it parents, siblings, friends, spouses, work, business,  religion, or something else, we often forget who we are and how wonderful we can be!  But that time is over…

Now it’s the time to gain it back; time to let go of old programming, past traumas, and unrequited oaths, vows, commitments,  promises, and contracts. It’s time to live, live, live!

The “I Exist” program will teach you how to create the life you desire by:

Creating personal power and acceptance

✔ Unlocking your inspiration and enthusiasm for life

✔ Developing your personal gifts and to excel at life once more

✔ Rid yourself of past anxieties

An incredible, exciting life where you appreciate yourself and your accomplishments is right around the corner. The I Exist  program will help you embrace the positive energy around you and achieve personal growth and success like never before.
Designed to transform your life with specialized training that opens you to the amazing gifts waiting for you!!
It’s inherent that we, as humans, are givers. It is something that we’ve learned throughout our lives and lives in our very  core—it’s better to give than to receive. This mentality has caused us to place ourselves at the bottom of our own life,  keeping us closed off from receiving our true selves.That time has passed. Now is the time to stop judging ourselves and acknowledge who we truly are, thrivingI Exist Program Create the future you desire in  relationships with both others and ourselves. Allow you to be you…let the “I Exist” program assist you in your journey…
 “Inner Peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions.” Buddha

ITEM 1: Releasing OLD Programmingrelease old programming

Format: Downloadable MP3

Value: $199.00

Length : 40:08 Mins

Are you looking to increase your receiving capabilities?


  • Release Karma that keeps you stuck in place
  • Release anger, fear, and guilt so that you can be who you really are and create a life you desire
  • Release debt consciousness so you know that it’s safe for you to build wealth without repercussions
  • Release cultural and religious beliefs and judgments about money and who/what you’ll become if you have it
  • Clear your lineage (past and future)
  • Disconnect from the collective consciousness

ITEM 2: Releasing Past Traumas (PTSD)

Format: Downloadable MP3

Value: $199.00

Length : 32:09 Mins

Are you willing to overcome patterns that create pain and suffering in your life?


  • Release emotional illness, anxiety, and trauma due to extreme fright or life-threatening events in this lifetime or past lifetimes
  • Release mental and emotional trauma from sexual abuse in this lifetime or past lifetimes
  • Clear your lineage (past and future)
  • Disconnect from the collective consciousness

ITEM 3: Releasing OLD Baggage

Format: Downloadable MP3

Value: $199.00

Length : 27:32 Mins

Are you ready to let go of that which holds you back and start living?


  • Release past life traumas, and clear blocks, oaths, vows, commitments, and contracts which prevent you building the wealth and freedom you deserve
  • Release oaths, vows, commitments, and contracts for relationships
  • Clear your lineage (past and future)
  • Disconnect from the collective consciousness

ITEM 4: Unlocking Self-Worthunlocking self-worth

Format: Downloadable MP3

Value: $199.00

Length : 40:01 Mins

Are you exhausted from always pleasing others and anticipating their needs?
Are you still not paying attention to what YOU need?


  • Acknowledge self-love and release hate, blame, and regret
  • Acknowledge your beauty and let go of self-judgment
  • Acknowledge your worthiness and release beliefs to the contrary
  • Acknowledge your self-power and release limiting beliefs
  • Clear your lineage (past and future)
  • Disconnect from the collective consciousness

ITEM 5: Unlocking Self-Confidenceunlocking self-confidence

Format: Downloadable MP3

Value: $199.00

Length : 40:30 Mins

Are you ready to stand up for yourself?


  • Acknowledge your strength and allow yourself to go as big as you want to go;
  • Let go of past traumas that have been keeping you small
  • Taking care of your needs first and then taking care of others
  • Acknowledge your awareness of relationships and friendships and let go of old betrayals and energy suckers
  • Acknowledge you are as good as or better than anybody and YOU can do what you set your target on!
  • Clear your lineage (past and future)
  • Disconnect from the collective consciousness

ITEM 6: Creating Trustworthy Relationships

Format: Downloadable MP3

Value: $199.00

Length : 42:58 Mins

Are you tired of one sided relationships where you feel taken advantage of?


  • Restore respect, trust, and loyalty within yourself and others
  • Taking care of your needs before you take care of others’
  • Stop patterns that allow others to use or take advantage of you
  • Stop waiting for others to come to your rescue
  • Develop equality in relationships
  • Release expectations and disappointment in your life
  • Increase joy
  • Clear your lineage (past and future)
  • Disconnect from the collective consciousness


ITEM 7: Releasing Sexual Judgmentrelease sexual judgment

Format: Downloadable MP3

Value: $199.00

Length : 30:26 Mins

As a society we’ve associated anything sexual with copulation, but sex and copulation are two different things. Sexual energy is the energy of living!
Through our lives we’ve learned to not be sexual from so many different venues, but it’s time to release those judgments and start living freely?


  • Release personal sexual judgments for oneself and others
  • Clear past lifetimes
  • Balance sacred feminine and masculine energies
  • Allow yourself to receive nurturing and love
  • Release the fear of letting go and enjoy love making
  • Disconnect from the collective consciousness

ITEM 8: Money Comemoney come

Format: Downloadable MP3

Value: $199.00

Length : 32:13 Mins

Is it time to live the life style you always dreamed?


  • Be joy and attract money
  • Actualize dreams
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Unlock the knowledge that you are the creator in your life
  • Disconnect from the collective consciousness

Take back YOUR life and feel good about who you are!!

 You have the ability to be a beautiful, energetic, and highly-valued person by YOU; if only you allow it to happen!! It’s time you enjoyed being the all-around person you’ve always hoped you could be and create the future YOU desire!!


Ximena’s Introductory Offer: $119