Pico Brew. Make Your favorite Beer at Home!

There comes a time in every persons  life when it’s time to invest in what you love. For beer enthusiasts that time may have just arrived. Yeah that’s right, a world class brewery in your own home.

So your friends want at St Patrick’s day beer.  Coming right up. How about a German beer for Octoberfest. Sure. Brew what you want when you want.

17-0123_Pico-AffiliatesBanner_392x72No beer is fresher than the one you just brewed at home!

PicoBrew’s newest product, Pico, makes brewing beer at home so easy that anyone—even someone who has never brewed before—can create and enjoy amazing craft beer at home. With Pico, beer lovers can discover great craft beer from breweries around the world and brew it easily, customized to their taste, using quality ingredients.

Using biodegradable, home-made ingredient kits called PicoPaks, you can brew fresh craft beer from award-winning breweries around the world! With over 4,500 craft breweries around the country, PicoBrew has changed the way these beers can be enjoyed and shipped – no longer relying on inefficient bottling and losing taste via spoilage.

We’ve put more art into homebrewing.Pico__800x800_ad

Fresh Craft Beer Tastes Best
Fresh authentic ingredients produce the best and freshest craft beer. Brew pub fresh craft beer in your own home.

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Pete’sdeals4U is always trying to make your life easier, healthier and happier. This may be the triple crown. It’s easy. Anyone can brew. It’s healthy. PicoBrew,  recently won two major awards at CES (including one for Men’s Health), and it is all about happy.