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Since your dog is part of the family why not get in the habit of cooking for them too. Your dog is at the mercy of eating whatever you put in their dish. Chances are they’re not stopping to read the ingredients and then saying no way am I eating this. It’s more likely the food is gone and the dish is empty in seconds.

Have you ever read the ingredients of the dog food you are feeding your dog. Maybe take a second a read them now. Yuck! Even for Rover.

I put this on Pete’sDeals4U because it allows you to make healthy meals for your dog without spending a lot of time. There are microwave recipes that take just minutes and it also includes recipes for homemade soaps and shampoos.

If you think your pet is worth a $19.95 investment then I encourage you to read on and order this product.

What if you sat down to dinner and discovered that the savory food was nothing more than sweeteners, color additives, chemicals, and animal by-product meal?

Would you eat it?

Sadly enough, that’s what you are giving your dog every time you serve them commercially made foods and treats. Do you really know what else these products – even “premium” products – contain?

Here are just a few:

Listed Ingredients:

  • By-product meal
  • Meat and bone meal
  • Grain fillers
  • Animal fats and oils
  • Acidifying Agents
  • Lubricants
Extra Ingredients Companies Do Not List:

  • Pesticides
  • Antibiotics
  • Mold
  • Drugs like Penicillin
  • Fungal Toxins
  • Plastic

They can also contain potentially cancer-causing preservatives such as BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin – or propyl glycol, used in anti-freeze. (Let’s not even get into the dog food recalls and pain caused to families who lost pets from those “extra ingredients”!!)


Read on if you care about your dog’s health and want to learn how to ensure a long, happy life for your loving pet!

These days, dogs rely on us to provide them with food. They don’t understand that some meals and snacks can help treat certain conditions – or even help them lose a little weight! They just want their food to be tasty and not feel sick later.

Does your pet have any of the following conditions?

  • Allergies
  • Obesity
  • Food Intolerance
  • Diabetes
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Skin Disease

Dog food companies know that we’d do just about anything to keep our dogs healthy, which is why they sell “specialty” formulas – at a much higher price!

Ironically, some allergies are caused by the dry food these companies produce – by repeatedly cooking the ingredients at high temperatures which can cause the proteins to become damaged. Fillers used to reduce production costs can increase the weight of the bag – and the weight of your pet. The food companies make more profit because your pet now needs an expensive formula!

Did you know that you can give your pet healthy, delicious meals and treats without spending a lot of money – or time!

How? It’s easy!! Download Rover’s Recipes now and you’ll get over 175 meal and snack choices – many destined to become favorites for your grateful canine!


Many of these recipes call for ingredients that you already have in your pantry – and are simple and easy to make.

When you download your copy, you’ll discover a world of tasty goodness for your pet, including:

  • Appetizers
  • Meals
  • Special Diet Meals
  • Gravies
  • Frozen Treats
  • Cakes, Pies, and Desserts
  • Cookies, Biscuits, and even Brownies!


Now, you might think: “I don’t have time to cook for my dog! I barely have time to cook for myself!”

Think again! There’s even a section just for microwave meals and treats, so your pet can enjoy yummy meals in a flash! (And yes, there are even some recipes that you and your dog can enjoy eating together!)

But that’s not all! You’ll also get helpful recipes for…

Dog Shampoos and Soaps

  • Shampoo Bars
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Body and Coat Teas

Home Remedies for Ailments and Itches, including

  • Flea Powder
  • Urinary Tract Cleanser
  • Mange Parasite Treatments
  • Even Homemade Puppy Milk!

There’s even a special section about your dog’s nutrition and what to feed them!

Rover’s Recipes is essential for everyone who loves their dogs, wants to keep them healthy, and needs fast, inexpensive, tasty – and easy to prepare – meals for their pets.


Read what Happy Customers are Saying

Hi Todd…Yes, you most certainly may put my post up at your website! I am into homemade EVERYTHING for my dog now and have not actually pinpointed what her allergies are but apparently it is some ingredient in commercial foods, even the allergy formulas. (Not to mention that they were very expensive and that she hated most of them!) With your recipes I can use things I already have in my kitchen… Doesn’t get much easier than that! To sum it all up, I’m spending a lot less money on things she actually likes and her health is improving by the day. I thank you and my dog thanks you!



Todd, The dog treats revealed book I purchased along with my extra free books are excellent and valuable resource. I have already used some of the recipes although not all as I am sure it will take me a year or longer to test them all out there are sooo Many!! I highly recommend to anyone who owns a dog to purchase this!! It is well worth the money!! Even if you feed kibble the drastic savings on treat cost is worth the price. If you feed raw or homemade dog foods there are many recipes for this too!! I am extremely happy with my purchase and recommend to everyone to buy this ebook.

— Connie

Special Needs Dogs Need Special Diets

Two of my dogs have Congestive Heart Failure. All of the foods on the market are so full of chemicals, so I started preparing their meals. I know it is said that dogs don’t care if they have the same thing every day, but I don’t believe it. My dogs get bored with the same old mixture. I see that there has been much time and thought into preparing these recipes and they give me choices for an outstanding variety of meals and treats. My four dogs are healthy and happy and love (I’m sure of it) the little bit of extra time it takes to make their favorites . . . And they do have their favorites!

Chris Knott, Fayetteville, NC


I have 4 small dogs (1 MalteseX and 3 toy poodles) – 2 with special needs – a diabetic and one with a liver shunt. Therefore I need recipes that will allow me to feed them a healthy, well balanced diet. I then found Rover’s Recipes. They have been a godsend. All my precious creatures now enjoy their food and I can feed them all the same diet and meal times have shrunk considerably.

So thank you very much for providing this service.

Rosanne (Sydney Australia)


For only $19.95, you can download your copies of Rover’s Recipes: Volume 1 and 2 right now and start making a healthy difference in your dog’s life!

When you realize that a “pet parent” spends, on average, $360.00 per year for just food and treats, this book is a bargain!

For less than the cost of a single bag of “premium” dog food, you get great recipes – and you know exactly what goes into these meals. No preservatives, additives, or fillers… just healthy ingredients for tasty meals that dogs love! You also receive natural remedies for ailments that are often caused by commercial products in the first place!

Do you want a healthy dog?
Do you think that fillers, preservatives, and substandard ingredients are not the way to keep your dog safe?
Do you want a speedy, easy way to make your dog happy?
Do you think your pet is worth $19.95?

Then don’t wait another minute!

Just say:


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