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Stress Free Golf Swing

We had a saying when we were kids when my older brother hit a bad golf shot. “Watch the golf club fly”. You see it was never operator error when the shot went out of bounds. It was that dog gone club for goodness sake. He would swing the ball would hook and the club was launched. It was like clockwork.
Golf can be frustrating but come on man take some responsibility when the swing is not right. It’s to bad the clubs could never answer back. I would have loved to see his driver boomerang back at him when he hurled it as if to say that wasn’t my bad.
It pains me to admit he’s pretty good at golf now but at the same time I’m pleased to report the clubs and everybody else are safe when he hacks one.
I never got very good a golf because I didn’t play often enough and when I did I was to proud to take any pointers from my brother. He on the other hand made the investment to know how to do things correctly and has a much more pleasant walk around a golf course than I do. Thank goodness for the cart!
For those of you who do not want to let a friend or family member get the best of you on the golf course why don’t you check out this Golf site below. Get the info you need to succeed and get ready to bring that new swing to fruition.
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