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Read any good books lately? There was a time when this was actually a legitimate question. But with the internet access and audio casts on our phones who needs to read a book anymore. The fast pace of this high tech world has certainly made things easier on us all as we navigate through the hectic pace of life.


SCI-FIWhy read the book when the movie will be out soon? With the special effects and stunts and computer enhanced images the movie should be awesome!

But then you remember how relaxing and enjoyable a good book can be. The stimulation of the mind, the expansion of of the imagination and the development of emotions towards characters that aren’t real and some who are.. A good book is great entertainment.

I haven’t been to a library for, well for years. My guess is that the Dewey Decimal system is a thing of the past. Ah, another benefit of this high tech world.

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