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Flavor runA run that is truly fun. Support local charities by participating in The Flavor Run in a town near you. This is an ever changing world with ever changing events where imagination meets reality.

It’s not often you will go to a 5K run and bring back a memory filled day that your whole family will remember. OK you might bring back some sore muscles too.

flavor run

This my friends is an event you want to participate in not watch from the sidelines. Don’t worry there is a 2.5K run as well. This is so worth the $20 registration fee as the entertainment value far exceeds $20. Kids under 7 register for free.

flavor runWhat will it take to get you to the finish line. A touch of lemon or a scent of berry. Chances are you will be having so much fun the finish line will not be a problem.

Take a couple of laps around the block and get the family ready for the flavor run day of fun in a city near you.

The Flavor Run 5k Local Quality 5k Event

flavor run

Check Here for an event near you.

The Flavor Run 5k strives to be the BEST flavored color run event throughout different cities across the US!


flavor runWhether we have 500 participants running or 5000, our Flavor Run Team will put on a high caliber and super fun event surrounded by local charities and local businesses. Please feel free to check out all of our reviews and message us. One of our core values is to make sure you and your family are provided with quality entertainment. Thank you, and we hope to see you at the next Flavor Run 5k event.


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